11/26/11: Gateway Agility Club of Suburban St Louis - Lake St Louis, MO - Violet qualified and took 3rd place in AKC Novice Jumpers at her first agility trial competition!!

10/30/11: ASC of MI: Sojourner earns another leg towards his CD title with co-owner Ayella Grossman. 

Received notification that Carly is ASCA HALL OF FAME DAM #357!!!!!

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Thank you to all her fabulous children and their owners who made this possible for us.  Thank you also to the stud dog owners!  Without you, this definitely would NOT have been possible!!

10/14 & 10/15/11

Karma was 1st in Rally Excellent for her 2nd leg with a score of 100, and a score of 96 for her 3rd leg in Rally Excellent to finish her RE title!


Sabrina was 1st in Rally Novice to finish her RN title, then had a very nice qualifying score in Rally Advanced on 10/15 for her first leg in Rally Advanced.  Sabrina also was 4th in Open Obedience on 10/14 for her first leg, q'd nicely on Saturday and Sunday was 2nd to finish her Companion Dog title!  This was 2 titles in 1 weekend!!

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Vixen finished her Rally Excellent title with a 4th place (due to handler error) and qualified very nice in Novice obedience on 10/15, then 10/16 took 3rd place to finish her Companion Dog title!  Vixen also finished 2 titles in 1 weekend!

2011 ASCA Nationals: 

ASCA Nationals Pre-show, West Bend, WI: Sojo--3rd American-Bred handled by M. Bonnes under SBJ  Emmy Adeceswicz (this was the only time he was entered)


9/17-9/19/11 ASCA Nationals Pre-shows, West Bend, WI: Sabrina had a good time at Nationals pre-shows placing 4th, 3rd, and 2nd in her class in altered. 

Sabrina ASCA Natls 2011 (2)

9/19/11 ASCA Nationals Obedience Finals--West Bend, WI: Karma and Lorraine placed 5th in ASCA Novice Obedience Finals competition!

Karma&Lorraine 5th  Novice finals ASCA 2011


CDDA Frisbee Trial (Alton, ON) Aug. 27th and 28th: Sojourner finishes up his BDD title with two first place ribbon on Saturday and goes on to take a 2nd place in a very competitive Advance. 


Gateway ASC (Purina Farms) Aug. 19-21st:

Friday PM:
Vixen finished her Open Standard Title with a 1st and 3rd giving her mom, Carly,  the qualifying titles to be an ASCA HALL OF FAM DAM!


was Best of Opposite Sex under judge Sue Holtz. 

Saturday AM : 
Sabrina was High in Trial Aussie in Rally with a 199. 
Vixen for her first novice leg in gamblers. 
Violet for her 2nd leg in Rally Novice with a 197. 
Sabrina was Altered WB/BOS. 

Violet-RNX 0811

Saturday PM:
Sabrina was A-WB and BOS under AKC Judge Gayle Garvin. 

Sunday PM:
Sabrina was A-BOB/BOW under SBJ Andrea Blizard
Violet was BOS under SBJ Andrea Blizard.

Violet Best Opp 082111

In addition Karma Q'd in all 3 rally trials and completed her RNX and missed the High in Trial on Sunday by only 1 pt after a run-off - Great job Karma and owner Lorraine! 


Missouri Rhineland Rally and Agility Trials (Purina Farms, MO) July: Vixen Q'd twice in Rally Excellent with a 1st place and a 3rd place. Q'd three out of four times in Agility to finish her Open Agility title and her Novice Jumpers title. 


Zac Memorial CDDA Trial (Alton, ON - Dog Sports Centre) June 19th: Trial #1: Sojourner places 2nd in Novice Single Disc and Qs in Longest Catch with a Bronze. Trial 2: Sojourner takes a first place and a Q with an outstanding score of 61! Not bad for his second trial! Sojourner was out playing with Co-owners Oracle Aussies with Teammate Mike. 



Australian Shepherd Club of Michigan (Centreville, MI) May 28th-30th: Jackpot wins Best of Breed under Senior Breeder Judge Elizabeth Gibson and Best of Opposite under Breeder Judge Melissa Borde. Jack is owned at Oracle Aussies. 


Sojourner got his first leg towards his ASCA CD with a High in Trial Aussie and High in Trial. He also won his class in the conformation ring every time he was entered. Sojourner is co-owned by Oracle Aussies. 



USASA Nationals (Gray Summit, MO):

Fire wins an Award of Merit. Fire is owned by Lily Tayson and was handled by Heather Blackford.


Trudi takes 3rd in the Brood Bitch Class with Castle, Sunni and Bunny as her get.

 Sunni (Trudi x Crusier) takes 2nd in her Sweeps class. 

sunni2011 usasa natls


Hoosier Australian Shepherd Club (Muncie, IN) May 6-8th: Jackpot wins Best of Opposite under Breeder Judge Debra St. Jacques, Best of Breed under Breeder Judge Clarissa Shank and Best of Breed under AKC Judge Tim Catterson. Jack is owned at Oracle Aussies. 



Australian Shepherd Club of Michigan (Kalamazoo, MI) April 15th-16th: Jackpot wins two huge Best of Breed wins under AKC Judge John Studbaker and Breeder Judge Sheila Hall. Jackpot is owned at Oracle Aussies. 

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Norfolk KC (Simcoe, ON) April 2nd: Jackpot wins Group 1st under Judge Guy Jeavons! Thank you Mr. Jeavons for this wonderful win! Jack is owned at Oracle Aussies.

WebGroup1Norfolk 2


Deep Freeze Disc Dog Trials (Mount Forest, ON) March 27th:

Sojourner earns RPT and goes on to compete for his first time in Disc Dog and gets a leg toward his title! Great job Mike and Sojo! Co-owned at Oracle Aussies. 



HWASC shows (Elkhart, IN) - March 26th & 27th:

Saturday PM: Violet wins WB/Best of Winners for a 5 pt major to finish her ASCA CHAMPIONSHIP under BJ Janet Kelly!

Violet-New CH 032611

Sunday: Violet wins BOB her first time in the ring as a Special! Jackpot wins BOS under BJ Heidi Mobley!

Windsor ABTTC (CKC), Windsor, ON:

Sunday PM: Jackpot BOB/Group 4th and daughter Heiress BOW/BOS for two points under Judge Roger Hartinger.  


Sunday AM: Jackpot BOB/Group 3rd under Judge Michael Lanctot. 

Sat PM: Jackpot BOB and daughter Heiress BOW/BOS for two points under Judge Paula Hartinger. 

Sat AM: Jackpot BOB/Group 3rd under Judge Patricia Lanctot.  



Gateway ASC Trials (Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO), March 12-13th, 2011:

Violet and Vixen both earn their Started Sheep titles with Violet picking up 3rd and 4th place ribbons as well!  

Violet gasc trial 031211a

Vixen gasc trial 031211 (4)


Scarborough Kennel Club (Orangeville, ON, Canada:

Sojourner makes short order of his CKC Championship, finishing with a big WD/BOW win his second weekend out! Owner handled by co-owner Ayella at Oracle Aussies. 



Ontario Breeders Association (Markham, ON, Canada):

Sojourner debuts in CKC and takes WD 3 of the 4 shows and BOW the first day, for a total of 7 pts towards his CKC CH! Owner handled by co-owner by Ayella at Oracle Aussies.


Jackpot competes in the Eukanuaba Best of the Best 100 (open to only BIS and the Top 100 dogs in Canada) and wins GROUP 2 under Judges Sandra Lex and William Bryne in one of the largest groups of the night and amongst several of the top herding dogs in Canada. Owned and handled by Ayella at Oracle Aussies. 



Gateway ASC shows - Feb. 4-6th:

Vixen finishes her CDX title with 192.5 and 185.5 and takes a BOS in the Altered Specials ring. 

GASCWinShots 4

Violet take Winners Bitch for a 5 point major under breeder judge Flo McDaniel. 

GASCWinShots 1

Brina takes A-WB and A-WB/BOS over Specials. 

GASCWinShots 3

Sojourner takes Reserve Winners Dog to a 5 point major. 


Jackpot wins Best of Opposite 3 out of 4 shows. 


Jan. 23rd - Sunni --McMatt's Pocket Full of Sunshine (Cruiser x Trudi) won Best in Match at the BCKC Fun Match and brother Castle was BOBp and BPIG!

Jan. 21st - Jackpot wins Group 4 at the Elgin County KC (London, ON). 

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