Carly x Stormy

Sired by Stormy. 

ASCA/AKC CH TreeStarr's To Good To Be Tru RA, CGC DNA-VP (Visit her page)

ASCA CH TreeStarr's Stormy's KatieLynn DNA-VP

TreeStarr's Gracie

"Our next door neighbor’s house burned down this morning.  Gracie, our Australian Shepherd, woke us up at about 2:15 a.m., very agitated and barking.  Gwen went and looked out the kitchen window to see our next door neighbor’s house engulfed in flames.  I dressed and ran next door while she called 911.  None of the Oliver family was in sight and the flames and smoke were too intense to get close.  I tried getting in but was repelled by the smoke and heat.  Suddenly I saw Ron and family in his truck and backing out of the drive way, so I took them to our house where Katrina and children waited as  10-12 emergency vehicles arrived and put the fire out.  Thank God they were unharmed."

TreeStarr's Cinnamon Twist





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